Uz Trucking Family LLC

About Us

UzTrucking Family LLC specializes mainly in customer service in the field of logistics.

At the same time, we can provide online services to our customers at any time.

On our way to entering a high-demand industry, we aim to support new and young companies in their successful entry into the market.


Dispatcher must have:

Excellent communication skills to collaborate with others under any type of condition.

Excellent clerical and organizational skills to keep track of schedules, routes and personnel.

Knowledge of computers for scheduling and other dispatching duties that are our company dispatchers owned today…

Our Specialties


Our company offer 24/7 services and individual attention for each Carriers, who has difficulties or do not want to spend their time on it.

In additional to dispatching we also offer ELD services (Safety)


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Project management

UzTF LLC also offers project management services.

We have experiences in localization projects, researching and adjustment new technologies.

Truck business

Besides dispatching and ELD, we also offer our own truck transportation.

In the shortest period and best price we make our clients meet all deadlines on time. 

We also assist in problem-solving actions.

Our partners